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Bossy feels so fortunate to be the first comment because she has so much to say about this, and that so much to say is,



Ha ha ha ha -- excellent list. Especially the clean house thing, which makes me tired just thinking about how NOT clean it is right now.


How good would the sense of humor be?

Ok, Where Was I?

OMG, Foolery's question. Ditto.

If that jack rabbit vibrator could make me laugh...well, I wouldn't be here reading this. We'd be out having Sunday brunch and a quickie in the bathroom.

And yes! #5 is the hottest. Cleaning the bathroom is even hotter than cleaning the kitchen.

Audubon Ron

Well then who is your lesbian love interest, I mean, really?

Suburban Kamikaze

It is a toss-up between the woman who does our pedicures and the woman who sells us our wine - who, ironically, are dead ringers for Angelina Jolie.



Right On!

Audubon Ron

I've never been turned on by the idea of having two women at once or two women making out. I'm a little out numbered as it is.


10. Really? Yikes. The rest of them I knew, except I'm pretending your list goes from 3 to 5 and 4 just doesn't exist.

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